White Oak School began as a log building in the northwest corner of Franklin County, Illinois in 1891. It was discontinued after the school year of 1958-1959. Scores of students were educated and transformed in this one-room schoolhouse. The many teachers over the 68 years are to be especially commended for persistence and dedication to the tasks.

1891 – White Oak School began as a log building in Section 9 of Goode Township, Franklin County, Illinois. The school was located one half-mile west and one quarter-mile south of the intersection of Crocker Road (formerly Sesser-Tamaroa Road) and Quiet Acres Road.

1902 – A special election was held to relocate the schoolhouse to a “better road” in nearby Section 4 and build a new structure. This new school became located on the northwest corner of the intersection noted above. There were 75 students at this time.

1938 – In the Spring, the school was heavily damaged by a wind storm. Because of the storm, the school was temporarily established in the basement of the Washington School, about 4 miles away, in Sesser. In the Fall, the school had been sufficiently repaired for opening again.

1939 – Electricity was added to the school.

1941 – In January, it was decided to build a new school, so a temporary building was built to accommodate the students until the new school was finished. In the Fall, the new brick schoolhouse was completed by the Works Projects Administration (WPA).

1945 – The school building was also being used by a Sunday school.

1946 – The Sunday school group became larger and more organized as the White Oak Mission. Worship continued until 1948 when a new church building was constructed about a quarter-mile away.

1959 – The school was discontinued at the end of the 1958-1959 school year and was merged into Sesser Community Unit District 196.


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Remember that as a one-room school, there was one teacher teaching all eight grades. (In 1902, there were 75 students!)

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